What Do My Dreams Mean? 2 Ultra Powerful Techniques For Instantly Interpreting Difficult Dreams

Are you curious to know more about your dreams? Are you struggling with serious life issues that seem to have a solution TANTALIZINGLY out of grasp? (but you know it’s there?)

I believe that your dreams can tell you FAR more about yourself than you know. And there is a whole body of astonishing evidence that suggests that the KEY to unlocking your “dream life” (no pun intended..:-) lies in deciphering, decoding and deconstructing the subconscious (or slumbering) messages that your mind is sending you while you sleep.

So what are some of the most powerful techniques for deciphering your dream messages, AND turning them into enlightening and informative ASSETS that can help you overcome even the most pernicious problems?

1 – Hypnosis or Regression Therapy.

The simple truth is that you can utilize hypnosis to unlock an amazing array of “stuff” that’s buried in the cavernous confines of your mind, and some of the easiest areas to “exploit” are increased DETAILED dream recall. Many of us only remember fragments, or pieces of our dreams, but under hypnosis, even the most hazy and cloudy dreams can become robust memories of vivid and illuminating detail! Try it….you’ll actually surprise yourself if you’re struggling with remembering, and understanding, what you are trying to tell yourself, while asleep..:-)

2 – Journaling

No question, this is a great way of getting the “upper hand” on figuring out your dreams. Why? Well, what we write down, we tend to remember. And the closer you keep a pen and paper handy…the more LIKELY you are going to be to get a great amount of informative “stuff” to reveal the very next day. (or when you have the time to stand back and take a bird’s eye view) The bottom line is the more ACTIVE you become in the process of looking more closely at your own internal voice and creative compass (which is what you’re dreams surely are) the FASTER you will be able to OVERCOME the obstacles that “may” be holding you back!

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