Don’t Blame Yourselves For the Past

Do you often condemn yourselves for things which you did or didn’t do in the past? Most people have this kind of experience. If we want to lead a happy and successful life, we must throw away the past and not blame ourselves for things which cannot be changed.

We should learn from the past mistakes and experiences. Berating yourself for the past results nothing and only lowers your confidence. You will only feel bad. Blaming yourself leads to a vicious cycle which reinforces your negative feelings and causes more regrets in the future. When you’re thinking about these unhappy things, your time has passed silently. Had you ever thought that you would blame yourself in the future for your thinking the past and wasting time now. Precious time should be spent on properly. Spending time on unchangeable things is only wasting time.

We should control our thoughts. Remind ourselves when we dwell on the past regrets. Tell yourselves that time won’t flow back and the regrets in the past can not be changed, either. Focus on our positive experiences and successful things. Then you will feel much better and even encouraged.

Everybody has regrets in their lives, including those successful people. What is different is that successful people control themselves better. They won’t waste time in useless struggle. So they got success.

Don’t blame yourselves for the past. The past is only the past. Then why not say, “I’m a good guy and I have done well.” Tomorrow is another day!

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