Bringing Sexy Back: Life After Cancer

So what if you had a mastectomy? You are a heroine who survived the pain, emotional torture and physical deface and came out victorious in the war against cancer. The cancer is over and you or your sister, your mother-in-law, mother, aunt, hero, mentor, neighbor, or blood donor need to move on and get your sexy back! Here are some great tips to help:

1. So your body has changed a bit, who says your lifestyle has to? You don’t have to stop doing those things that were special and fun to you-like the beach, movies or reading your favourite book, if anything you should do more of it, there’s no fun swimming in a pool of self-pity and idleness.

2. Get a wardrobe upgrade: I know tons of money has been spent on medical bills, but look at this as a form of therapy; go all out for sexy clothes, shoes, bags- whatever will make you grin with glee and give you that boost of confidence.

3. Get sizzling lingerie: Even though one or the two ‘boobs’ may have been removed because of the surgery, who says that you can’t sizzle in sexy lingerie any more? There are now sexy mastectomy bras that look like regular bras, with an added prosthetic that looks like the real deal and won’t kill your wallet.

4. Try something new: A new hobby, a new adventure, a new activity or even a trip to somewhere new will give you a fresh lease on life. It could be something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time or the will power to do, or something new altogether. This will give you a will to move on and get you excited and passionate again.

5. Make plans: One proof that we are living is that we make plans for the future. Set new goals for yourself, do an evaluation of where you are with the old goals and realign yourself to achieve them. Achievements will help boost your self-worth and confidence in your abilities.

6. Do not walk alone: Especially in cases where the your co-workers, in-laws, friends, family and all the neighbours have been coming around too often, all you might want is some peace and quiet. However, shutting them will allow feelings of depression and insecurity to grow unchecked, so please let people who really care about you in on how you feel and what’s going on- gladly chase the ‘busy bodies’ away, they are the ones who stress you out.

Don’t forget that the art of happiness requires practice; you have to learn to self inject yourself with happiness. No one can do that duty to perfection for you, no matter how hard they try. Do your best to always connect with the higher power from which all strength and wisdom to move on comes; it has been said – and proven that prayer brings wholeness and peace.

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