Are Your Personal Ambitions Too Large for Our Time?

When we are young we are taught to dream big, chase our goals, and that anything is possible in America. The authority, the government, our teachers, and those in charge keep reminding us that everyone is equal under the law, and attempt to make sure the game is not rigged. This allows for the most people to try and compete for the top slots. It also means that theoretically; you can do anything you put your mind to because America has opportunity. Okay so, I’d like to talk to you about this for a few moments if I might.

Not long ago, an acquaintance stated to me that they believed their ambitions, as well as their dreams were far too vast for this small pale blue dot. Indeed, I replied that; “there is no such thing as thinking too big or too small – think outside the box, in the box, around it – think of it all. Nothing is “impossible” – will events to occur – take action, be bold – boldly go! I think that’s the message Gene Roddenberry wanted to leave for you, I am pretty certain he was aiming for your mind, and those like you. Smile!”

Do you think that my acquaintance might have ambitions which are too large for this planet, too large for human societies, and well beyond the confines and constraints of our civilization? It seems that shouldn’t be possible, however one could ask; why do so many people feel this way? Is it because they have not bought into the dream of America, or is it that they no longer believe? Do they see this as they’ve gotten older that perhaps feel that they’ve been misinformed?

That would be quite unfortunate, and yet we constrict through regulations, laws, and rules so much of our daily lives, as we impede freedom, liberty, free speech, and even in all of our political correctness, often freedom of thought. And even if we don’t do so out right, what we are doing amounts to the same thing, and if this is what is happening, which I believe it is, that’s a real problem. Do you see that point?

Folks like Einstein, and Walt Disney remind us to be a true genius, and come up with original thoughts you must have the mind of a child, but the memory of an intensely packed filing cabinet, or at least in so many words merging their various quotes. Now then, I ask you; is there any such thing as having too large of a personal ambition for our present period? If there is, there shouldn’t be. And if this is what we are doing to the following generations, then we are impeding the future of innovation in this great nation of ours. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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